Transparency and worldwide recognition Bet365


If there is an online bookmaker with reliability, transparency and worldwide recognition where you can bet on sports, it is Bet365. This sports club owes its popularity to the high quality of customer service and long-awaited promotions that can be seen in various media in different countries.

  • For all those who bet on sports, bet365 will be a guarantee of satisfaction and trust.
  • A renowned sportsbook like Bet365 also has a wide selection of markets for you to bet on as you choose.
  • Bet365 is a company that has fulfilled all the necessary licenses to offer sports betting in dozens of countries around the world.

Another factor that makes Bet365 the best sportsbook, besides the welcome bonus, is the attractive “Create a Bet” feature. This tool allows you to place sports bets on multiple markets on the same event, whether it’s a result, score or even corner kicks. Thus, the value of sports bets is calculated at any time, so that the player can quickly and easily benefit from his choices.

Live Markets and Bet365 Live Betting

With offerings for sports betting on almost any sport, as well as live events, you can enjoy an unparalleled and exciting experience when it comes to placing bets. Some of the most popular markets that can be found in disciplines such as cricket are as follows:

  • Final Score
  • Double Chance
  • Correct Score

These markets can be found in both pre-match betting and live betting. We suggest you check out the most popular markets by sport in this article.

Bet365Welcome Bonus

In addition to great sports betting options, Bet365 gives you the best welcome bonus. All you have to do is sign up, make the required deposit, and bet on sports with the credits provided. This way, you will start living the unique experience of online cricket betting.

For these and other opportunities, Bet365 is the best online bookmaker and one of the most famous in the world for sports betting. We invite you to continue reading this article where we will offer you the best information about Bet365 Cricket sports betting and their welcome bonus.

Bet365 betting on Sports from Your Mobile Phone

You can also bet on sports through the Bet365 Mobile app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, just go to the App Store and download it.

The Bet365 app is compatible with any type of mobile device running Android 4.4.2 and iOS 12 or higher, depending on the case. This app is very similar to the website the same thing we can say about the Betobet app or many other apps, this being a growing trend nowadays, and you will have the ability to bet on sports quickly and easily.

The world’s best bookmakers know that a good way to provide their customers with comfort, ease and peace of mind is to allow you to bet on sports from your home, office or wherever you are.

Live betting wherever you are

Place sports bets on a wide variety of sports and live events. Bet365 India offers a wide range of sports betting options for you to choose from, including cricket, basketball, tennis and more.

You can bet on sports thanks to a large selection of live markets. You will have the option to choose “Close Bet” and “Close Partial Bet” options, where you can get all or part of your sports bet paid out before the event ends.

In this way, you can manage your sports bets in real-time, while keeping track of the statistics as the event progresses. These options are available in the Bet365 app and for a wide range of sports.

Types of sports betting

Below we explain in the best way the types of sports betting available at Bet365 a betting company that has the best sports betting offer thanks to the depth of the market and the number of available competitions (over 30 different sports) to place sports bets on.

Live betting at Bet365

It is very important to note that the live betting section offered by Bet365 is one of the most comprehensive in the world. You can experience a unique live cricket betting experience thanks to their offerings to play a wide range of sports betting options.

In addition, any winnings you receive live during a match can be used for further sports betting on the same event.

NOTE: Please note that deposits or transfers made from other products after the start of the match, as well as winnings from pre-match sports betting, cannot increase the amount you can bet on any live match.

In other words, if you have INR 8,000 on your balance at the start of a match and you place a real-time sports bet of INR 2,000 on that or any other event, you have INR 6,000 left to place further real-time sports bets on that match.

The amount increases in case of subsequent winnings from any event on which you have placed sports bets. These are the sports betting limits that will apply to all live events. 

Contemporaneous Events Condition

In case several matches start at the same time, the limits will be distributed between the events. In other words, if three matches start at 5 p.m. and your account balance at that time is INR 8,000, you will be able to place sports bets of that amount on all events combined, plus any winnings you subsequently receive from live sports betting on any event.

Special bets

In addition to sports betting, Bet365 also offers bets for those who want to expand their experience at this online bookmaker beyond sports. We are talking, of course, about special bets, where you will have the opportunity to bet on the most important events in the world.

There are events around the world that are very important to highlight because they create a very interesting matrix of opinions where the population is left waiting for the final results, and Bet365, being the largest bookmaker in the world, cannot stay away from these events.

For example, Bet365 offers special bets on events such as the 2021 Academy Awards, where those wishing to bet on the event can do so in all categories, including the most important (best film, best actor, best actress, best director and others).

Other special events you can bet on at Bet365:

  • The winner (male or female) of the famous Italian reality show Amici 2021.
  • The royal birth in the UK this year. In the near future, you can choose your favourite to become a parent.
  • BBC Sportsman of the Year 2021 Award.
  • The winner or next person to drop out of the Swedish Let’s Dance 2021 competition.
  • Hundreds of people have had the opportunity to bet with Bet365 on various world events such as:
  • In the U.S. presidential election,
  • The election of the Prime Minister of Australia,
  • In the general election in the United Kingdom,
  • And contests such as.
  • X-Factor,
  • Big Brother.
  • And any other event where betting is possible

Odds under 2.00

Bet365 India offers its customers an “Odds under 2.00” section that lists all matches and events with odds under 2.00. This is a good option for those who prefer to make less risky bets on sports.

In this section of sports betting with odds under 2.00, you will be able to view dozens of events, from different sports and disciplines, once again demonstrating the wide range of options for betting on sports.

You will also have the opportunity to bet on sports in real-time, with events taking place as you view your options. You can bet on popular events (cricket, tennis, soccer, basketball) and less popular events such as horse racing, greyhound racing, snooker, water polo, handball, rugby, golf, table tennis, darts, volleyball, hockey and more.

Popular sports at Bet365 sportsbook

Bet365 is the best sports bookmaker in the world and has the best offers including a wide range of events and matches for all tastes.

The excellent options that Bet365 provides to customers who want to bet on sports make it a favourite among everyone. In addition, options such as “live betting” or “closed betting” are also offered, which are very interesting entertainment for players.

If you want to know more about Bet365 sports betting and the most important events they offer, we recommend reading below:


Cricket is the most popular sport in India, so the number of matches on which Bet365 offers sports betting is extremely high. You can bet on a huge number of competitions, including the Indian National Cricket League, Bangladesh League, Pakistan, England and more.

You will have the opportunity to bet on your favourite team before and during the match, thanks to the live betting option. The most popular sports betting options for soccer are as follows:

  • Match result (win or draw)
  • Double chance
  • Goals in the match
  • Exact final score
  • Both teams to Score


Tennis is another popular sport at Bet365. To place sports bets on this discipline you will have a wide range of markets and tournaments, both ATP and WTA: four Grand Slams, Masters 1000, Masters 500, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and more.

The following sports betting options are available in tennis:

  • Winner of the match.
  • Winner of a set
  • Total sets
  • Total time breaks
  • Win without losing a set


In basketball, you can have fun betting on the NBA, Euroleague, FIBA European Cup, leagues of Spain, Australia, China, Croatia, France, Japan, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela as well as men’s and women’s national team championships.

Some of the best-known sports betting options include:

  • Result and Totals.
  • Winner per quarter
  • Winning margin (3 and 7 options)
  • Double result
  • Player bets (points, assists, rebounds, steals, three-pointers, etc.)


In cybersports you will have a list with all the matches available to place sports bets, sorted by date and current video game. You will also find the odds for each player.

The sports betting markets in cybersports will depend on the video game, for example, in EU Masters Spring the options are as follows:

  • Winner
  • First Blood
  • Destroy Tower
  • Dragon – Kill
  • Handicap – Losses

Mixed Martial Arts

In mixed martial arts, you can bet on UFC, PFL, boxing and Bellator. The men’s and women’s divisions were divided, of course, into categories.

The markets available for sports betting on MMA are as follows:

  • Winner of the fight.
  • Fight result (knockout, decision, draw)
  • Betting per round
  • Number of rounds
  • All rounds will be completed.


In F1 you can bet on the winner of each Grand Prix to be drawn, not only on the driver but also on the car that will be the track champion. In addition, you can bet on the winner of the entire season, both drivers and constructors.

The markets available for Formula One are very simple: just bet on your favourite to win the race, and that’s it. For example, in the Portuguese GP:

  • Overall winner (bet on your favourite driver)
  • Winning car (bet on your favourite team)

Table Tennis

In table tennis, a sport that is particularly popular on the USD continent, you can place sports bets on events such as the Pro League, Setka Cup, USDA Leagues and Olympic qualifiers.

In sports betting options on table tennis, you can find the following betting options:

  • Result and the total number of pairs
  • Correct score
  • Double score
  • Margin of victory
  • Convert into bonus points

Popular sports events at Bet365 India

Below is an overview of the most popular and sought-after competitions for Bet365 when it comes to sports betting. Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and we are not just talking about local, but also the most important competitions in world cricket.

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League, recognized as the best club competition in the world, also has the best sports betting markets from Bet365. You can bet on the final result of the match (win or draw), the correct score, the score at halftime, the total number of goals and whether both teams will score.

You also have a chance to choose your favourite to advance to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League, the players who will score in the match, the US Cup winner and many other predictions. There are a total of 88 markets available to you in this contest.

La Liga – The Spanish top division

One of the most watched leagues on the planet is the Spanish La Liga Santander. In addition, a huge number of markets (124) are available here for those who want to bet on sports before the matches.

Just like in the Champions League, in the Spanish league, you can bet on the scorers of the match. Thanks to the Players option, you can select the players who can score 2 or more goals in a match, the team’s scorer, the player who will be penalized with a card, the player suspended from the field, and the sore.

Premier League

In the English Premier League, another of the most watched leagues in the world, you can also use the various markets for sports betting. You’ll find up to 153 options in some matches, so you can combine your games in the best way possible.

In the English Premier League, you can bet on the eventual tournament champion. You can also bet on clubs that might be relegated to the second division; this bet involves up to 7 teams.


The best basketball league in the world has games involving up to 268 different teams on which you can bet. In sports betting highlights, you can bet to predict the winner of each quarter of the game, the game totals and who will be the first to score 20 points. You can also bet on players and their performance in the game (points, assists, rebounds, losses, blocks, etc.).

In the “Futures” section you can bet on the eventual NBA champion, conference winner, division winner and even the season MVP.


In cybersports or virtual sports, you will have several options for betting on different games or tournaments that are played virtually. For example, cricket, soccer, American soccer, horse racing, greyhound racing, speedway, basketball, darts and cricket are some of the most popular options.

In these virtual sports, the markets are often very similar to those of real sports. Take cricket, for example:

  • Final score
  • Double Chance
  • Correct Score.
  • Goals to be scored
  • Both clubs will score

Bet365 is your best choice in sports betting

Bet365 is without a doubt the best option for people betting on sports. They have the reliability, competitiveness, quality, security and simplicity needed to be the best sports betting site for you and all of India.

It should be noted that Bet365 offers the best odds for your bets, as well as a large number of sports so that you can bet in the best way and with the most confidence. Remember that Bet365 also has the best welcome bonus for new customers, which will make your entry quality.

Welcome Bonus for Sports Betting

To qualify for the Bet365 welcome bonus, you must register with the bookmaker and deposit at least INR 800 to receive up to INR 2,500 in free betting credits with which you can bet on sports.

You don’t need to claim your offer at the time of joining, you can do so within 30 days of registering your account. And if you want to use your betting credits, all you have to do is select “use betting credits” in the betting form.

It should be stressed that this offer is exclusively for new customers.

If you want to release your betting credits after you have earned them, you must place sports bets on the amount of your valid deposit.

Only those bets determined within 30 days of joining will count towards these requirements.

All winnings earned from betting credits will be included in your withdrawal balance and can be used on products, offers, promotions and bet types.

If for any reason your Bet365 account is inactive for more than 90 consecutive days, you will lose all bet credits and your account will be permanently deleted.

Payment methods available at Bet365 

Regarding payment methods at Bet365, you should be informed that the local currency INR is currently not available at this sportsbook, but you can use alternatives such as the dollar (USD).

The following payment methods are available for players based in India:

  • Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard);
  • Electronic wallets such as UPI, Skrill or Neteller.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Other alternatives such as Paysafecard and Astropay.

Customer Service at Bet365

Bet365’s customer service is very good you can ask for help 24 hours a day via live chat and they will be active to solve your problems or clarify your doubts.

You can also send an email explaining your situation and Bet365 will respond within 24 hours, which proves that they have very fast and efficient customer service.

It should be noted that many questions can be answered in the help section of the sports club’s website.


How can I bet online?

If you want to start betting online from India, you can follow these simple steps:

Go to the official Bet365 website from your computer, tablet or cell phone and register.

Deposit the minimum amount to get the welcome bonus and start betting on sports with betting credits.

Choose an event to your liking and select the type of bet you want to make and the amount you want to bet.

Is it safe to bet at Bet365?

Betting at Bet365 is safe, which is why it is one of the most popular sports bookmakers in the world.


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