League of Legends – How to Boost Its Ranking?


League of Legends (LOL) is one of the most widely played games in the world. It has 11 million monthly active players, and a whopping 2.6 billion hours are spent playing it each month. Its only drawback is that the barrier to entry can be pretty high. It means new players would have to pay a lot of time just getting accustomed to how League plays before they could compete at an appropriate level, about 6-8 hours per day, according to Riot Games’ estimations.

Before getting involved in this game, you must consider  대리so that you can have a better experience.Most people love playing LOL as this game is the best for relaxing your mood and also helps you experience a different environment. Here are some factors that will aid you in knowing how to boost the ranking of this game.

  1. Understanding Perks

There are various ways by which you can boost your ranking, and it starts with understanding the perks that accompany the level of the game. For example, at level 1, players will have access to 3 champions, and thus, they will tend to opt for the ones that are easier to play. The following levels allow up to 18 champions to choose from, so people start picking those that better suit their playing style.

  • Know Your Tier

The ranking system in League is based on tiers, and within a tier, the higher the tier you are at, the better the performance will be. For instance, if you are at your first tier and others are at their second or third tier above you, but they are performing worse, they have not adequately mastered their role. Being in higher levels means getting access to more powerful champions.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money.

Champions within League of Legends are available at different prices, ranging from 450 RP to 6300 RP. If you go with the mindset of purchasing a champion that will give you an edge, you will be able to perform better than the others who are not willing to spend money. Most people believe that money of expenditures won’t be on par with other players, but it is essential to remember that the amount spent on each game will not make a huge difference.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment.

League of Legends is a highly user-friendly game, and thus, it doesn’t require a lot of experience or knowledge to get used to because there are LOLSTAR | 롤대리, 롤듀오, 롤강의전문업체 who are always there to help you out with various difficulties. Moreover, it means that one can play it even on his first day as players mostly stick to their comfort zone and stick with champions with whom they are familiar. While League of Legends is a game that has such a massive player base, it is essential to remember that one must not think of League as the end-all solution in terms of gaming. For instance, you can also watch videos related to LoL and learn some tricks to play


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